Q for Automotive

Your digital mobility companion

People and cars, the perfect teammates.

We’re redefining the in-car experience, in which people and digital companions team up together in harmony. These context-aware, proactive agents anticipate and engage users while building trust, for a personalized, connected journey. With an agent at their side, each ride becomes a delightful adventure.


Create a rich, enduring relationship between people and their car.

Experience reimagined.
With an in-car mobility agent that understands context and proactively anticipates, each ride becomes an opportunity to inform, delight, and assist users.
Brand amplification.
As the in-car experience becomes a crucial brand differentiator, Q provides the tools for a handcrafted agent that reflects and amplifies your brand values.
Peace of mind.
Keeping up with rapid changes leaves people confused. Having a digital companion in the car helps users discover, adopt, and trust their car’s new capabilities.

Empower drivers and your brand with digital companions.

Keep drivers safe and focused
Maintain sole access to user data
Discovery and adoption of new features
Manage handoff compliance
Drive specific outcomes like use of your app
Easily update various in-car experiences

Q: How it works

Q, our cognitive AI engine, empowers automakers to easily build and perfect distinct digital companions of their own – empathetic, personalized characters that initiate context-aware, multi-modal interactions. We provide all the tools necessary for your experience design teams to fully deploy and optimize all aspects of the in-car agent and experience. Bring your sensors, data – we’ll handle the rest, aggregating it all towards an engaging journey.

All agents welcome.

While this is the branded mobility agent to interact with the car, it’s not mutually exclusive. We welcome all other guest agents to allow for continuity of experience, from Siri and Alexa, to Google and beyond. Each agent has its own distinct purpose, and can co-exist with your mobility agent. Users know which agent to use for each of their needs, for a harmonious in-car experience.

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