Behind the scenes view: Integrating Cloud Services into ELLI•Q’s Software Architecture

Get an exclusive look into our VP R&D’s vision on how we built a personal social companion robot using cloud services and Android to move fast and leverage cloud based services via APIs.



Unlike voice-based digital assistants, ELLI•Q goes beyond reacting to voice commands. She proactively suggests activities and instantly connects older adults to digital content such as TED talks, music or audiobooks; recommends activities in the physical world like taking a walk, keeping appointments and taking medications on time. ELLI•Q helps the older generation better connect to their loved ones through technology such as chatbots that are linked to Facebook Messenger. Using machine learning, she learns the preferences, behavior, and personality of her owner, and proactively recommends activities based on that history.

We are very fortunate to have our VP R&D, Itai Mendelsohn, on Software Engineering Daily. In this podcast, Itai explains the software architecture behind ELLI•Q and gives some high-level details of our hardware and software choices. Our basic design principle was to utilize high-level abstraction services offered by the cloud (such as Google’s machine learning platform, firebase real-time database, speech to text and NLP services) and integrate those into an Android platform running in ELLI•Q.

By taking this approach, our team is able to focus on the business logic and build a product that is specifically designed for older adults. We envision ELLI•Q as a platform for which, in the future, 3rd party developers can build applications that will leverage ELLI•Q's capabilities.

At Intuition Robotics we’re building an active aging companion to keep older adults active and engaged. We believe that technology can actually help older adults even though they aren’t keen on adopting it. what we do is use technology to simplify the experience and remove the challenges that it entails.

Thank you Jeff (@the_prion) for having us, we hope you’ll enjoy!

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