David Edery

Software Developer

David is a full stack developer, currently focusing on ElliQ’s motion and experience engineering.
Being multi-disciplined in nature, prior to Intuition Robotics, David was first a senior software engineer, team leader and then a group director at CloudBand (now Nokia) focusing on distributed systems, big data analytics and networking while being an active code contributor to OpenStack’s core projects. With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of spatial, management and cloud systems, David is always ready for the next big thing that brings with it the cutting edge problems that he loves to tackle and solve.
David holds a B.Eng in Bio-Medical Engineering and M.A in Diplomacy from Tel-Aviv University.

I learned to code before I learned how to walk. I love cooking and mastered bread baking in Italy and Israel. I’m addicted to OpenStack giveaways and fashion.