Meet ELLI•Q: 

ELLI•Q™ is an active aging companion that keeps older adults active and engaged. ELLI•Q seamlessly enables older adults to use a vast array of technologies, including video chats, online games and social media to connect with families and friends and overcome the complexity of the digital world.

ELLI•Q inspires participation in activities by proactively suggesting and instantly connecting older adults to digital content such as TED talks, music or audiobooks; recommending activities in the physical world like taking a walk after watching television for a prolonged period of time, keeping appointments and taking medications on time; and connecting with family through technology like chat-bots such as Facebook Messenger. 

ElliQ is looking for older adults (and their families) to interact and learn from!

If you are US-based and want to join our exclusive testing community - please submit your e-mail below.


Using “Natural Communication” such as body language that conveys emotion, speech interface, sounds, lights and images to express herself, ELLI•Q is emotive, autonomous, and easily understood. Using machine learning, she learns the preferences, behaviour and personality of her owner, and proactively recommends activities based on its learning and based on recommendations by family. ELLI•Q also has the ability to monitor wellness and the environment in the home.

ElliQ is looking for older adults (and their families) to interact and learn from!



Impromptu video chat through voice commands    Proactive suggestions, entertainment, activities    Easy access to content from family via social media    Shared calendar and reminders    Seamless messaging & family photo sharing    Tailored news & information    Audio book discourse    Personalized music    Wellness & environmental monitoring


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