Help us make the world better with social companion robots through the role of a QA Engineer


Intuition Robotics™ is a VC backed startup, developing AI and voice driven social companion technology to positively impact the lives of older adults by keeping them connected and engaged.

Job Description:

We are looking for a QA engineer to work in a software/hardware development environment. You’ll test for bugs in the software, from complete crashes to minor glitches in the system. You'll test our product and will report on its functionality, identifying any aspects which could be improved. You will be an integral part of development lifecycle and will work closely with R&D engineers, product managers, and creative designers.

We’d love it if you are:

  • A Graduate of Computer Science, Software Engineering or Elite Intelligence unit- a huge advantage
  • Knowledge of QA methodologies, understanding of how systems work, and familiarity with software and hardware
  • Ability to not only to identify and record a problem but also to try to work out what is causing it
  • Ability to run tests for long hours
  • Have excellent communication skills in dealing with other members of the team
  • Curiosity and attention to Details
  • Have a passion for testing the product and systems
  • Technology lover - basic technical abilities, fast learner of new technologies
  • Highly independent, proactive and with the ability to self -learn


Full time

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