Help us make the world better with social companion robots through the role of a Senior Machine Learning Reseacher


Intuition Robotics™ is a VC backed startup, developing AI-driven social companion technology to positively impact the lives of older adults by keeping them connected and engaged. 

Job Description:

ElliQ is a proactive Robot, it learns the preferences of her user and adapt her behavior to him. It is always engaged in making decisions based on its current state. We are looking for an excellent ML researcher to help ElliQ make better decisions. Candidates should be eager about learning agents and robotics learning.


  • Generating innovative data driven decision making algorithms based on multimodal data.

  • Deep understanding of the field following the state of the art methods.

  • Building the ML pipeline from sensors to decisions.

  • Generating quick POC for project evaluations.


  • M.Sc Or Ph.D Involving machine learning related research.

  • Proven experience with machine learning frameworks and methodologies.

  • Proven experience in one of the following: robotic learning, active learning, reinforcement learning, recommendation system or speech / NLP analysis.

  • High research capabilities including: designing experiments, finding, adjusting applying ideas from the literature and constructing innovative models and algorithms.

  • Self-starter, autodidactic and innovative.


  • Developer that loves to code in different environments and languages including Java, Python, R, Matlab, Scala and others.


Full time

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