How the Broward County Area Agency On Aging Uses Technology To Support Older Adults

How the Broward County Area Agency On Aging Uses Technology To Support Older Adults
Learn more about how Broward County is taking older adults under a microscopic lens and making sure that their needs are met.
April 18, 2024
Healthy Aging
Staying Connected
Healthy Aging
Staying Connected

Did you know that almost six million people in Florida are seniors? These demographic trends are going to increase, and as Floridians continue to search for ways to age in place, their community is turning to technology to optimize outcomes.

Here are a few ways that their Area Agency on Aging is integrating technology to help older adults stay socially connected and prevent loneliness at home.


Uniper is a computer, TV, or phone-connected program that opens doors for seniors to connect with peers, and explore wellness or fitness. They also work with the VA and health plans to ensure that seniors can connect with like-minded peers.


ElliQ is a senior companion robot specifically designed to support older adults engage in personal interests, monitor and manage health conditions, and stay connected with loved ones and friends. From managing health to preventing loneliness, ElliQ is a compassionate companion that older adults can add to their list of friends.


Tranquility is a tablet-based device that helps seniors stay connected to family members and while also alerting loved ones in real time to changes like a water leak or a fire.

Joy For All

Many Americans enjoy having pets and for older adults, especially people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, may crave that sense of companionship without the responsibilities that come with a live pet. These interactive pets from Joy For All keep the benefits of pets intact boasting a dignified design for seniors of all abilities.

iN2L Tablet

The iN2L program, now LifeLoop, primarily services senior living communities. They connect residents and family members using a tablet that shares resident activity programs, while also facilitating 2-way communications between family members and residents. Family members can also keep track of their loved one’s health and care plan to confirm that they have the most up-to-date information on hand.

Learn more about ElliQ.

Older adults experience high rates of loneliness and isolation but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many solutions that address senior loneliness and isolation, and we’re proud to partner with the Broward County Area Agency on Aging to keep older adults connected.

WATCH MORE: Dateline Health Show 590: "ELLiQ" and Area Agency on Aging.

ElliQ is more than a robot. She is a friend to all of the lives that she touches, with an engaging personality that initiates daily conversation and can take seniors to destinations around the world with a cup of coffee.

Older adults can monitor and manage their health through voice while keeping family members and loved ones in the loop. Learn more about how you or a loved one can qualify for a free ElliQ.

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