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This social robot brings the digital world to your grandparents

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6 most popular trends at CES, the biggest technology show of 2018

ElliQ's artificial intelligence can learn its owner's preferences and habits, and talk on its own without being prompted or commanded. The company says it can suggest music or videos it thinks you might like, or recommend that you go for a walk or take your medication. ElliQ is stationary, but it can bob its head and light up in the center when it interacts with you. It can also facilitate video calling for the less technologically adept.


ElliQ begins beta testing its companion robot for older adults

ElliQ featired on TechCrunch TV at CES. 


Watch us touch all of the gadgets at CES

I got the chance to look at ElliQ earlier today, the robot that looks like the Pixar desk lamp and helps the elderly interact with their devices to stay in touch with their families. I really, really like that it doesn’t have a face. Instead, it blinks, glows and shrugs. 


Companion Robot Aims to Fight Isolation Among Elderly

To help the elderly with loneliness, social isolation and depression, an Israeli company, Intuition Robotics, created a robot called ElliQ designed for older adults.Featured at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, ElliQ is named in part after the Norse goddess that represents old age. Described as a "she" by her founder, ElliQ is a tabletop robot that lights up when she hears her name.


The CES crystal ball gives glimpse of our high tech future 

Intuition Robotics brought its latest version of ElliQ to CES. The sociable robot is geared toward the elderly. It can take calls, read emails, and even give reminders, such as when it's time to go for a walk.


Here's a smart robot for the elderly that can play videos, chat and more

ElliQ is a smart robot and personal voice assistant for the elderly. It can play music, send and receive messages, manage a calendar and play videos.

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Intuition Robotics nabs Samsung as investor, launches U.S. beta trial of ElliQ companion robot

Intuition Robotics is creating what it calls “social companion technology” for the elderly. Its first product, ElliQ is a robotic companion that is less humanoid and more “funky lamp” and is capable of conversing with its owner. ElliQ uses “natural” communication methods to display emotion, including shifting its position, as well as using sound, light, and voice to express itself.

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Artificial intelligence takes spotlight at Consumer Electronics Show

Jo Ling Kent from the Today Show visits ElliQ at CES. 


ElliQ has raised $22 million for its social robot aimed at older adults

The two-year-old Israeli startup has certainly attracted its share of fans with deep pockets. The company used the occasion to announce that it’s raised a $20 million Series A thus far, bringing its total funds up to $22 million. 


Smart-home tech might help older adults live independently longer

Sardis believes robots like the ElliQ could help since it’s programmed to know more about its owners and, depending on their needs, proactively prompt them to get exercise.


Reducing Loneliness with Robots

There simply aren’t enough younger adults to care for older adults. How can the world deal with the aging of its population and the dangers of loneliness, assuming there aren’t enough humans up for the job?


Innovation By Design Award: ElliQ, winner of the User Experience Category

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ElliQ at Brookdale in Redwood City

CBS covered our team members who spent a week living at Brookdale Senior living in Redwood City with ElliQ.


Companion Robots are Here. Just Don't Fall in Love With Them 

Another companion bot in development, ElliQ, approaches the challenges of human-robot interaction a bit differently. This desktop robot looks vaguely humanoid, with a big noggin that tilts and swivels as it talks English. It’s meant for the elderly, periodically calling out to remind them to get some exercise or take their meds.


New Tech Could Help Lonely And Isolated Elders

If an elderly person can’t drive, he or she may feel lonely and isolated. Sometimes a pet can help lift spirits, but sometimes a pet is too much work. It wouldn’t be quite fair to say “there’s an app for that,” but technology is working on a solution: Robotic companions.


Toyota's $100 million fund will back AI, robotics startups

Today, Toyota announced the launch of Toyota AI Ventures, a new venture capital subsidiary focused on startup tech companies working on artificial intelligence. The fund has received an initial $100 million from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), an AI-, robotics- and autonomous car-focused initiative created in 2015.


Can robots solve Grandma's loneliness?

Intuition Robotics, an Israel-based startup that makes robots, announced Tuesday it raised $14 million from investors, including Toyota Research Institutewhich invests in autonomous vehicles and home robotsThe funding will go toward developing a social companion robot, ElliQ. 


Intuition Robotics raises another $14 million, this time from Toyota Research Institute

Intuition Robotics, maker of the ElliQ robotic elder care assistant, and opened an office in San Francisco. As it looks to grow staff and ramp up testing of the product, the company has raised another $14 million, this time from Toyota Research Institute (TRI).


Toyota Leads $14 Million Funding Round for Israel's Intuition Robotics

Intuition Robotics, an Israeli developer of artificial intelligence robots for use by the elderly, said on Tuesday it raised $14 million in an early stage funding round led by the Toyota Research Institute


Toyota research arm takes first step into Israel’s start-up scene with investment into robotics for the elderly

Toyota's research arm has just announced itself on the Israeli start-up scene, confirming on Tuesday that it has led an early-stage funding round in Israel's Intuition Robotics.


Intuition Robotics raises $14 million to build social companion robots for elderly people

Israeli robotics startup Intuition Robotics has raised $14 million in a series A round of funding led by Toyota Research Institute (TRI), with participation from existing investors including OurCrowd, iRobot, Maniv Mobility, Terra Venture Partners, and Bloomberg Beta.


Elli.Q is companion robot that helps older adults engage in the digital world

Elli.Q connects them with family and friends, makes technology accessible and intuitive, and proactively promoting an active lifestyle through video chats, online games and social media.


Israeli robots and apps aim to make aging easier

Intuition Robotics, for example, has developed ElliQ, an artificial-intelligence based robot companion that it says will keep older adults active and engaged with family members by helping to make technology use easier.


5 Ways Artificial Intelligence May Help Us Live at Home Longer

A good example is ElliQ, a device created by an Israeli company called Intuition Robotics, and now being tested in the San Francisco area. ElliQ looks more like a desk lamp than an archetypal robot. But while it’s meant to sit on a table or nightstand, it’s hardly static.

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10 Israeli high-tech areas making waves

Take, for example, Intuition Robotics, started by yet another graduate from Israel's military intelligence unit 8200, which earlier this year introduced an artificial intelligence-based robotic device called ElliQ that aims to keep elderly people active and engaged.


Intuition Robotics raised $6 million for its ElliQ elder care assistant robot

Intuition Robotics, maker of elder care assistant ElliQ, announced today that it has raised $6 million in funding from iRobot and equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. With the funding, the Jerusalem-based company plans to open an office in the Bay Area and begin testing ElliQ with senior citizens in San Francisco.


In the future, virtual assistants will not only take orders. They’ll also have ideas of their own.

Israel-based Intuition Robotics is developing the virtual assistant specifically for the elderly, a population shown to be more vulnerable to social isolation and physical inactivity. The founders expect that frequent engagement with a robot that makes positive lifestyle suggestions will promote physical and mental wellness.


Growing Elderly Population Creates New Opportunities for Technology

Glowing like a table lamp, a robotic assistant called ElliQ turns its cylandrical head and asks, "Do you want to play a game of bridge?"


AI Robot Companion Wants to Keep Old People Company

ElliQ markets itself as an alternative to other AI companions that the likes of Google and Amazon have launched for the home.


How Will Artificial Intelligence Help the Aging?

“That is really one of the most important conversations we need to have about technology today,” Hoffman says. “In one way, technology is increasingly successful in addressing our social needs. But we do not want the technology to drive our human values. We want our human values to drive our technology.”


Interview with Dor Skuler, Co-Founder & CEO

Globalization and trade have transformed the American economy. But increasingly, the competition for jobs comes from inside our own borders, with automation, robots and artificial intelligence rapidly moving into the workforce. What can we expect and what can we do about it?
Listen to David Brancaccio interviewing Dor Skuler, Intuition Robotics CEO.


ELLIQ: Intuition Robotics Bridges Uncanny Valley To Cure Loneliness Epidemic

 A host of robots have recently emerged to address disability and illness. But ELLIQ, a new product from Israeli startup Intuition Robotics, concerns a far more common and rising problem: loneliness.


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Though stylized more like a sleek designer lamp, Intuition Robotics’s ElliQ robot could not be more humane. Billed as an “active aging companion,” this smart bot uses “natural communication” to help your grandma or grandpa stay...up-to-date...


ElliQ Robot Maker Intuition Robotics Raises Funding from iRobot

“Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ is an exciting advancement in cognitive computing and human-robot interaction,” says Hanns Anders, director at iRobot Ventures. “iRobot has been a longtime proponent of the development of robotics technologies to support the world’s aging population.”


AI startup coming to Silicon Valley with robot companion for elderly

The ElliQ from Intuition Robotics is like a more animated version of the Amazon Echo that is specially designed to improve the quality of life of seniors.


10 Principles for Design in the Age of AI

"Instead of waiting for a prompt from its elderly user, the robot proactively suggests personalized activities in order to keep the user engaged. It's a prime example of how AI can improve a specific aspect of a person's life based on their behavior."


Why companies are giving voice assistants physical forms people can relate to

" ElliQ, a new voice-assistant from Israeli startup Intuition Robotics, has more in common with 2012’s Robot & Frank, where an old man makes friends with his robot helper."


The new old: Four fantastical projects to improve your retirement

"ElliQ, a cute little robot that can invite your grandparents to play a game, set up video chats with friends, and pull up family photos from social media."


The Touchy Task of Making Robots Seem Human - But Not Too Human

“It looks like it has a face even though it doesn’t,” says usability guru Don Norman, who advised Skuler on ElliQ’s design. “That makes it feel approachable.”


ElliQ Is The World's First Voice Activated Robot For Elderly

“Certainly, this is a great concept to help people and changes perspective of the gadget makers in future. It can surely assist in taking care of an elderly parent and can now very well be in much better hands.”


Groundbreaking AI Tech Could Improve Quality of Life for Older Adults

“Until now, most AI companions, like those created by Google and Amazon, have largely been focused on providing assistance. ElliQ, on the other hand, aims to enrich the lives of its users, keeping them active, engaged and thereby reducing loneliness.”


A robot friend for the elderly: AI plays games and reads books to pensioners to help tackle loneliness in old age

Elli.Q uses artificial intelligence to slowly learn what its owner likes, and will help those less confident with technology to use social media, video chats and play games online.


Can Robots Really Be Companion to Elderly People?

“...that empathy layer is really the most fascinating, far-off bit of what ElliQ is attempting that most AI does not. Talking to ElliQ isn’t intended to simply be an easy way to call family without hitting tiny buttons on a tablet or finding the right app; it’s intended to be a friend who can appreciate and experience these life events with you.”


Meet ElliQ, a Voice Assistant for the Elderly

Unlike an Amazon Echo speaker$179.99 at Amazon, ElliQ's communication abilities range beyond the spoken word. Its motorized base can swivel, and a hinge lets it move its upper body independently from the lower.


ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged

Robots are no longer confined to science fiction - they’re infiltrating every facet of our lives.


ElliQ Is A Stylish Robot Designed For The Elderly

They say that the mind is usually the first thing to go when you get older, which is why it is typically recommended for older people to keep themselves mentally stimulated. This can come in all sorts of ways, such as picking up a hobby, talking with others, reading, and so on. However Intuition Robotics might have a hi-tech solution in the form of ElliQ.


AI robot 'friend' launched to chat and play games with lonely elderly

ElliQ, which is one of the most advanced social companion robots in the world, has been designed to convey emotion through different speech tones, lights and body language to be as engaging as possible.


Intuition Robotics Tailors ElliQ to Help the Aged Overcome Isolation

ElliQ uses a combination of movements and voice interactions to communicate with end users. However, “her” artificial intelligence capabilities and design are uniquely designed to serve the elderly


A New AI-Driven Companion For Older Adults, Improving Their Quality Of Life

The design and actions of the artificial intelligence-based device, ElliQ, make it look and feel less like a traditional robot and more as a friendly and approachable digital companion.


Israel startup recruits Norse goddess as elder companion

Elli•Q intentionally doesn’t look like a robot. With no eyes or mouth, it looks like a little mushroom-shaped lamp, with lights flickering and the head turning and bending to acknowledge a person’s presence or to mimic head gestures while expressing emotions.


Home robot to nudge older people to stay social and active

Unlike most other home assistants, ElliQ can recommend activities of its own accord. It might ask if you’re interested in watching a video, for instance, or suggest a walk. It can also act as reminder to take medication.


What The Great Thinkers About Aging Are Thinking

Dor Skuler, CEO and co-founder of Intuition Robotics, described his company’s “social robot” driven by Artificial Intelligence (coming out in 2017) as one that will keep people more connected, engaged and active. 


Inside Israel's Secret Startup Machine

Dor Skuler admits that he was "an awful student in high school, truly an awful student," when Unit 8200 started looking at him in his junior year, but the people there saw untapped genius, and by focusing on what he could be rather than what he was, they discovered a great intelligence officer who wound up founding three startups.


Press Releases

CES Best of Innovation Winner Intuition Robotics Launches Beta Program, as it Approaches the Commercial Launch of ElliQ, the Active Aging Companion

Intuition Robotics, the creator of ElliQ, the Active Aging Companion, announced today the launch of its beta program, as the company approaches commercial launch in 2018. ElliQ is a proactive social robot designed to encourage an active and engaged lifestyle by helping to bridge the digital divide and keeping families closer together.

Intuition Robotics Raises $14 Million Series A Investment Led by Toyota Research Institute

The investment in Intuition Robotics marks TRI’s first outside investment in robotic technology specifically for older adults. Toyota is regarded as one of the leading companies in home/human-assist robotics research, and the move, according to Dor Skuler, CEO and Co-Founder of Intuition Robotics, underscores the shared vision between the two companies.

Intuition Robotics Announces Investment from iRobot and OurCrowd, Bringing Total Funding to $6M

The new investors join Terra Venture Partners, who led the Intuition Robotics seed round, as well as other original investors including Bloomberg Beta, Maniv Mobility, and additional private investors. 

Intuition Robotics Emerges from Stealth: Introduces ELLI•Q, AI Driven Active Aging Companion Developed to Improve Quality of Life for Older Adults

Social companion technology startup addresses loneliness and social isolation of silver generation; Elli•Q to debut at prestigious exhibit at The Design Museum in London