Help us make the world better with social companion robots through the role of a Software Developer


Intuition Robotics™ is a VC backed startup, developing AI-driven social companion technology to positively impact the lives of older adults by keeping them connected and engaged. 

Job Description:

Our R&D team is looking for a multi-disciplinary talent ,"all around DJ". Someone that can build a complex and distributed system built from a variety of innovative technologies. A real full-stack developer that loves technology and coding.


  • Experienced developer in a variety of technologies and domains
  • Multi-disciplinary by nature and loves coding
  • Built complex, scalable, data intensive and robust systems (preferable in the cloud)
  • Passion for scalable and robust infrastructure
  • Built continuous deployment and integration environments  

Must have/be: 

  • Deep knowledge of software stacks, frameworks and methodologies
  • Experienced in building systems and development (including testing) environments
  • Developer that loves to code in different environments and languages including Android, Java, C, Python and  others.
  • Knowledge of unstructured DBs (NoSQL) and associated tools


    • Real (but real!) team player
    • Can do and want do attitude
    • Want and love to code in all areas


    Full time

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